Empowerment...it’s our name because it’s your mission.

Hypnotherapy is an effective, natural way to empower you to overcome obstacles in you life.


“Working with Darice Bossen and Empowerment Strategies Hypnotherapy has helped me make changes in my life that I never thought were possible.

We started working on issues that I was having in my business.  Our success in working those issues gave me hope that I could possibly resolve issues in my personal life that I had suffered for years, issues that I thought I was destined to endure for life.  After a few sessions, the resolution to my “hopeless situation” was clear to me, I had the courage to execute it, and I did so.

Darice and I continue to work together, and I am in the midst of the greatest psychological and spiritual growth period of my life.  Try as I might, I probably cannot find the words to adequately express either my gratitude to Darice or my belief in the powers of working with her.

Working with Darice has changed me and my life, and I will be forever grateful.

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